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General Information

All custodial parents and/or legal guardians are required to sign a Fee Agreement prior to enrollment of their child in the FBCC CDC. Parents are required to indicate to whom all billing information and correspondence are to be addressed. For a second copy of billing information and/or correspondence, a $.50 per page copying fee will be charged accordingly.

2017-2018 FEE SCHEDULE

Registration fee:  $125.00 per child, due at time of registration and is non-refundable.

Deposit: Tuition for one month per child enrolled, due at time of registration and is not refundable.

Monthly tuition: Infants and Toddlers – $1965.00  Annual Book and Material Fee – $75

Young Preschoolers – $1663.00  Annual Book and Material Fee – $175

Montessori – $1546.00  Annual Book and Material Fee – $250

Middle Preschoolers – $1546.00  Annual Book and Materials Fee – $175

Pre-Kindergarten – $1546.00  Annual Book and Materials Fee – $275

Junior Kindergarten – $1546.00 *Mandatory 5-day Program   Annual Book and Materials Fee – $275

TAX I.D. # 56-2501124

It should be noted that the Infant and Toddler Programs and the Preschool Program (Young Preschool, Middle Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten and Junior Kindergarten classrooms) are two separate programs. Therefore, no reduction in tuition will be given for having children in both programs. Families with more than one child enrolled full-time in the Preschool Program (Young Preschool, Middle Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten and Junior Kindergarten classrooms) receive a 10% reduction for each additional child (off the lower tuition). A discount does not apply to children enrolled in the Infant and Toddler Program or Day and/or Summer Camp Programs, nor does the discount apply to children enrolled on a basis. 

Late pick-up Fee: $8.00 per child for the first 10 minutes and $2.00 for every minute thereafter. Late pick-up fees apply to part-time students.

Late payment Fee: 10% of unpaid balance on the 5th of each month

Late pick-up Fee: $8.00 per child for the first 10 minutes and $2.00 for every minute thereafter.  Late pick-up fees will apply to part-time students.

Late payment Fee: 10% of unpaid balance on the 10th of each month

Returned Check Fee: $50.00 (Any check returned by the bank must be paid in cash, plus any late payment fee, plus the $50.00 fee).

PLEASE NOTE: After two returned checks for insufficient funds, all future tuition must be paid by money order or cashier’s check.

Waiting List Fee: There is a non-refundable fee of $100.00 to be placed on the waiting list.  It should be accompanied by a Waiting List FormTAX I.D. # 56-2501124.

Tuition, etc.

Information regarding tuition, fees, and special services can be obtained by contacting the Enrollment Coordinator at: enrollment@cdcarlington.org.  The Center provides each parent with a Parent Handbook which describes in detail the Policies and Procedures of the Center.  Any questions regarding the Parent Handbook should be directed to the Executive Director.

Waiting List

FBCC – Child Development Center is licensed to serve 190 children. Please call to check availability. A Waiting List is maintained and slots will be filled in classes as they become available.

Information and Forms

Listed below are several items of information regarding our program policies and procedures. Some are listed in Adobe Acrobat format so you will need to use Adobe Reader in order to read, download, and print these documents. You can get the latest version of Acrobat Reader free by clicking on the button below.

Statement of Purpose

Believing that the Child Development Center is a direct and integral part of the Christ-given mission of the First Baptist Church of Clarendon, and consistent with the concept of ministry set forth in the original Mission Statement adopted by the membership of the Church, we reaffirm our commitment to the following purposes:

Ministry: To serve as a daily reflection of the Church “on mission”, acting out the Great Commission on our closest and most challenging mission field…our immediate neighborhood. To acknowledge that the use of the Church building and its resources for the teaching and training of young children is a responsible and worthy act of stewardship.

Education: To develop a Christian-oriented curriculum which provides a broad range of learning opportunities for the young child, geared to the development of the mind and spirit of each.

Nurturing: To focus on the dignity and worth of every child and to affirm and celebrate the God-given potential of each. To build healthy self-esteem and self-confidence.

Creative Activities: To encourage creative expression through music and art and physical recreation. To urge children to explore nature and its wonders; to foster a climate in which children delight in themselves and in God’s word.

Staff: To respect the professional contributions of every member of the CDC Staff. To nurture personal, spiritual, educational, and creative development. To actively practice compassionate personnel management.

Outreach: To seek ways in which to extend our ministry to the families represented in the Child Development Center; to share the good news of Christ and offer the fellowship of the Church; to help those who are in physical or material need; to lend support in the strengthening and stabilizing of family units; to build relationships of trust and mutual blessing.

In declaring these purposes, we state our fervent belief that the Child Development Center constitutes a vital ministry, a creative and stimulating classroom, a channel through which the love and grace of God may richly flow.