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School Calendar





Sept. 5                                   First Day of School

Sept. 21                                 Back to School Night/Scholastic Book Fair

Oct. 23-27                              PALS Assessment Test (Pre-K & JR-K Only)

Oct. 20                                   Father’s Day Event 6:00pm

Oct. 31                                   Halloween Parade and Parties

Nov. 1-30                               Parent-Teacher Conferences and Conversations

Nov. 7                                    Election Day

Dec. 8                                   Christmas Program 5:00pm


Jan. 11                                  Annual Martin Luther King, Jr Program and Peace March

Feb. 1-28                              Parent-Teacher Conferences and Conversations

Feb. 14                                 Valentine’s Day Parties and Card Exchange

Mar. 16                                 ST. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

Mar. 29                                 Easter Egg Hunt and Parties

Apr. 16-20                            Week of the Young Child

Apr. 20                                 Earth Day Celebrations

Apr. 23-27                            PALS Assessment Test (Pre-K & JR-K Only)

May 1-31                              Parent-Teacher Conferences

May 1                                   National Day of Prayer

May 6-12                              National Teacher Appreciation Week

May 8                                   National Teacher Appreciation Day

June 1                                  Junior Kindergarten Graduation

June 8                                  International Picnic – End of the School Year Celebration

June 18                                Summer Program Begins

June 29                                Pre-Kindergarten School Families’ Graduation

July 3                                   Annual 4th of July Program and Parade

Aug. 16                                New Parent Orientation

Aug. 20-24                           Transition Week (9:30am-10:00am daily)