Creating a Goodbye Ritual

Create a ‘goodbye ritual’ with your child before the first day of school and practice it with your child many times in preparation for the ‘First Day of School’.  This can be something as simple as a kiss or a hug, a secret handshake, or a special way of saying goodbye. Leave plenty of time on the first day to arrive at school and be prepared to spend some time in the classroom with your child. When it is time for you to leave, even though it may be difficult for both of you, create time to engage fully in the ritual as it was planned and practiced. ‘Slipping out’ of the classroom when your child is not looking will make the transition far more difficult for them and they may become scared and upset when they realize you are gone. Prepare for the possibility of some ups and downs the first few weeks of school as your child transitions to the family’s new daily routine and rituals including their arrival at the FBCC CDC for their care and early learning.  It is important that you be prepared to address varying amounts of separation anxiety throughout the year as well. Even in the absence of separation anxiety, please plan to arrive at the FBCC CDC with enough time to avoid rushing your child, which can create unnecessary upset. Parents are invited to use this time to be certain that their child’s belongings are securely placed in designated spaces both in and out of the classroom and personally accompany their child to their assigned area, share with or receive from a member of their child’s care giving or teaching team, important information.


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